What is SCBV Membership and what does it include?

Sunshine Coast Beach Volleyball is a Non-For Profit organisation and relies on the generous support from members. The club owns and manages equipment, holds permits, provides insurance and organises events.  Being a member of the club enables us to keep these programs running. At this stage the membership price is kept as low as possible ($20 per calendar year). In the near future we will be adding value to the membership such as vendor discounts, clothing and apparel etc.

Is membership compulsory?

SCBV allows 3 complementary visits to any sessions we provide (Game fees are still required) After that you must become a member if you wish to continue.

What is the difference between MEMBERSHIP fees and GAME FEES?

Membership is a once a calendar year fee of $20 (Adults) or ($15) Juniors (Under 19).

Game fees are to be paid for every session you attend. 

In regards to MOOBAA can i come by myself and be put in a team?

Absolutely! Come on down to the beach and we will find you a team!

In regards to Monday night pairs can I come by myself and be put in a team?

Yes, you can come by yourself and we can arrange a team for you.

What standard is Monday evening adult pairs?

Our Monday evening Adult Pairs competition is for experienced pairs players only.

If you are not sure whether you are skilled enough to play in the Monday pairs comp, why not come along to MooBaa for a game one night first and have a chat.

Is there a commitment required for Monday evening Adult Pairs?

Our adult pairs competition has been designed so there is NO commitment necessary to play for the season. Being a social competition we understand that everyone is time poor and has many commitments.  

What ages do you cater for in junior training sessions?

Our Primary Juniors starts at grade 5 and our Secondary Juniors start at grade 7.

Can my child play in the Monday evening junior competition?

The Monday evening Junior Competition is for juniors who have attended training and have been given the nod of approval from a coach.

If you are unsure or cannot attend training please call Chico.

I would like to hire a portable net for a private game, is that possible?

Absolutely! We can hire out our portable nets, lines and balls for $80.  This hire is on a per day basis.

Do you cater for businesses or corporate events?

Absolutely! We can tailor make a package to suit your requirements. We can provide equipment, referees and create draws, plus much more. Contact us for a quote.

Where is the best place to park my car?

Sealife Mooloolaba offers a large amount of 4 hr parking (Parking tickets apply past this time). If you are intending staying longer than that there is a limited amount of  untimed parking behind SEALIFE MOOLOOLABA.

Can i purchase a session as a gift?

Absolutely! contact us to find out how.